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Zhang Wen

Zhang Wen is one of the famous private educational institutions entrepreneurial team members, an executive director of Zhong Fu Hui Education Investment Management Co., The president of Qian Xun Alumni Association. The Psychological Assistance Fund of the China Children and Teenagers' Fund Office Director.

She is a preschool education management expert and trainer and an international certified hypnotherapist from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the WHO's World Medical Certification Center & International Holistic and Natural Medicine Society (referred IHNMA).

Zhang Wen graduated from the Graduate Academy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The system follows the German family constellations founder Hellinger's trainning.

She can be reached at:  E-mail:1239042154@qq.com

Add: Room 403,B 6 Galaxy Building, Xi San Huang South Road, Fengtai District,Beijing, PR.China.
Tel: 86-10-51791365