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Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao is the General Manager of Beijing Xinglong Bamboo Pine and Plum Business Centre, the company that has 80% of the chinese distribution market of Guozhen's (New Era Health Industry Group) products.

She was born in 1958. She graduated in 1983 in Business Management from the Zhongguo Renmin Daxue (Chinese People's University). After graduating, she worked for twelve years in the business administration of a government-owned company that manufactures notebooks. She bacame an entrepreneur in 1995 and started her current company in 1998.

From a very hard beginning, where she really started from the ground up, Zhang Hao had built a very successful (over 1 million Euros turnover) business, which is now also expanding to other countries all over the world.

In 2003, Zhang Hao wrote a book describing her successful entrepreneurial story, how she established and made her business grow, the markets that she operated in and how the products have to be commercialized.