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Zhang Hao

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Beijing Xinglong Bamboo Pine and Plum Business Centre (Guozhen)

    Using network marketing as a selling strategy, this company commercializes health-related products manufactured by New Era Health Industry Group (www.5dgz.com, www.intgz.com) under the trademark Guozhen.
    This group was created in 1995 and is qualified at the state level as a high technology enterprise dedicated to research and development for health, nutrition, personal hygiene, skin care and other similar products. The factory is located in Yantai (Shandong province).
    Guozhen's essential raw materials are pine pollen and bamboo leaves. Pine pollen as more than 2000 years of chinese tradition. This pollen has 200 bioactive nutrients that contain important properties for regulating the endocrine system and metabolism; it immunizes the organism, prevents cancer, reduces cholesterol, facilitates blood circulation and the functioning of the vascular system and prevents fatigue and ageing.
Guozhen's food products are part of the chinese astronauts' diet. Its line of personal hygiene and skin care products had been growing over time.