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Chen Ping

Chen Ping is the chairwoman and managing director of Shanghai Lucheng Metal Material CO Ltd., a company dedicated to the processing and Trading of steel. She is also the deputy director of the Shanghai Office Huachang (Wenzhou) Group China, a state-owned Group with several departments (real estate, restaurants, Hotels, and others) which she represents in Shanghai. She is also very active in Enterprise associations.

She has published several management-related books.

She was born in 1958 in Wenzhou. After her graduation in Mandarin she worked in Wenzhou for over seven years as a teacher in calculus in mathematics. In 1993 she graduated in Law and began working for the Huachang group as the general manager’s assistant. In 1997, she came to Shanghai as the group’s representative. She established her company together with her husband in December of 1997, three months after their arrival in Shanghai. In 2005, they established their own factory. Now, they own the big majority of the company.