In January 2004, I arrived to live in China just with a suitcase, without knowing anybody there and being able only to say “ni hao” in Mandarin. However, as part of my brain and body luggage with me travelled: over 22.5 years of professional experience (most of them international), over 16.5 years of managerial and talent management experience, over 13.5 years of entrepreneurial experience and over 11.5 years of performing teaming agreements and M&As either directly (in the company I created and run for ten years during the 90s.) or indirectly (done for my previous American partner and my 21st. century clients). By the time I arrived in China, I have already successfully built my own company, perform a successful teaming agreement with and selling of 28% of the shares to Radian Corporation (today part of URS and get it sold to the number one in the sector CH2M Hill

A goal and a dream brought me to live in China. The goal was to learn Mandarin and develop a broad network of Chinese business people, so that I could fully and directly from them learn about Chinese business culture. The dream was to end helping Chinese companies in their international expansion. It was a bit early to have this dream become true, I know but, while living in Europe, I have the vision that in the not too distant future, Chinese companies were going to start their globalization process, as they have already done.

Thanks to Chinese leaders’ clever understanding of who each of us Westerners are (beyond our business cards), I did manage to achieve my goal. The picture taken in September 2004 (less than 8 months after my arrival in China), in the Great Hall of the Peoples (where I appear behind Vice-Premier Wu Yi) is the best illustration of it. The fact that the (at the time) Executive Vice-President and Secretary General of the Chinese Association of Women Entrepreneurs (CEA) –Shi Qingqi- introduced me over time to 30 entrepreneurs that took the time and effort to meet with me for many hours and listen and answer to my questions and comments in Mandarin (a great effort for most of them, that have never before listened to a Westerner speaking in Mandarin) is also a very good illustration of it.

The development and nurturing of my Chinese business people network and the in-dept more structured interviews and other analysis undertaken for my two books have helped me to gain an understanding of Chinese business and entrepreneurial culture and of Chinese business behavior, which many Chinese friends say is quite unique for a Western person to have. This has translated over time in my particular Chinese oriented way (according to Western approaches) of dealing with the Chinese. Honestly speaking, I do not exactly know how I have developed this ability, but the fact is that when I am in a Chinese environment I transform myself: I do not longer belong to the “Western Paradigm”, but to the “Chinese Paradigm”. As I explain in my second book, to understand the “Chinese Paradigm” is a pre-requisite for the Westerners to have more productive and positive business relationships with the Chinese.

It is for this reason that I offer to Non-Chinese companies the possibility of using my services to help you directly and/or your in China expatriate employees and/or your at headquarters employees dealing with China and/or your management colleagues at headquarters to understand and internalize the principles of Chinese business culture and behavior.

And/or to help you to negotiate with Chinese entrepreneurs and business people in no matter which country you may find them.

I can develop any customized (one to one or group) training or coaching service you may need.

I can become a one more member of your negotiation team and advise you and your team throughout the process.

And I can do it all over the world and, in some cases, in your own language.

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To Chinese companies, I do offer you the possibility of using my services to help your foreign employees to learn about and understand Chinese management culture and principles.

I can develop any customized (one to one or group) training or coaching service you may need.

I can become a one more member of your management and/or performance team and advise you and your team throughout the process on how communication could be smooth.

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